Who We Are

Who We Are

Sorella Owners

Family-owned by sisters Dana Prescott and Nicole Vicari, we come from a close-knit family, extended included. When deciding to open this business together, we knew family would be a core part of our brand. To echo this, we decided to name it Sorella, meaning sister in Italian.

While growing up, hair was a passion for us from a very early age. As children, starting in our aunt’s salon, our passion grew into a full career after high school. We worked together at Salon DeLees, co-owned by Dana and Lisa, and it was highly successful for ten years. As the business grew and our experience with it and seeing a shift in the industry, we were ready to take the next step and open a business together – which was always our dream.

Born, raised, and residing in Webster, NY, today, we knew this was the place we would build our business. It’s not only where we call home, and our families live, but Webster’s small-town vibes perfectly echo the friend and family values we love.

Today, that dream is a reality. With the support of the community and our loving families, Sorella is finally here. We feel blessed for the support from the community and our families. Without it, this wouldn’t be possible.

In partnership with our husbands, Adam and Chris, we were excited to open the doors officially in February 2023. Over our tradition of Monday night dinners to Sunday Sauce, the plans for Sorella unfolded.

Family dinners, along with our children, Giuliana and Audrina Prescott, Alia and Gio Vicari we are so honored to have such a supportive family in Webster, alone, to lean on and discuss visions. We want to thank all of you wholeheartedly for making this dream finally possible, some of whom have spent many hours, themselves, helping us build this vision.

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